Android App Stores in China

Android App Stores in China

MyApp Installations Double Since January

360 Mobile Assistant was the dominant app store in China across Q1 and Q2 of this year, installed on 34% and 29% of all smartphones respectively. Although the total number of installs for the store increased quarter to quarter, it lost market share to Myapp whose user base more than doubled between January and June of this year. Myapp is now the number two app store in terms of coverage, installed on 24% of all smartphones. The huge growth of the Myapp store can be attributed to the promotion of WeChat games, whereby gamers are requested to install Myapp in order to download the popular Tencent titles.

MIUI app store  and Xiaomi Prove a Threat

MIUI app store (Xiaomi) also increased its hold on the market, jumping from number 8 to 6 quarter-over-quarter. The relatively new appstore is now installed on 11% of all smartphones and we expect this to steadily rise over the coming months as start-up Xiaomi, which was the number one smartphone maker in China in Q2 of this year, tightens its grip on the Android market. Over 15 million units of Xiaomi smartphones were sold in China between April and June of this year – over one million more than Samsung. GooglePlay is fourth in terms of coverage, installed on 12% of smarthphones in Q2. The main reason behind GooglePlay’s high coverage rate is that in the Chinese market, there are still a lot of imported Android devices on which the GooglePlay Store is pre-installed.

GunZ Dash Remains Top Game in Terms of Coverage

GunZ Dash was the top performing Android mobile game once again last month, accounting for 19% of the installs of the top 20 games. PopStar by Zplay has climbed two spots since May and is now sitting comfortably in second place in terms of coverage, and first place in terms of MAUs. The title has over four times as many MAUs as QQ Fight the Landlord, and over ten times that of the number 20 title. The top 5 titles in terms of coverage account for 52% of the installs of the top 20 games, while the top 2 titles in terms of activity represent 43% of the MAUs.

There were three new entries at the bottom of July’s rankings, with Carrot FantasyXiog Da Kuai Pao and Minion Rush debuting at numbers 18, 19 and 20 respectively. The biggest climb came from iDreamsky’s Temple Run 2 which jumped two spots to number 7 and three places in the activity rank to number 6. Internet giant Tencent now claim 9 of the top 20 titles – 3 less than in June.

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