5 Mobile Games That Belong in Your Pocket

5 Mobile Games That Belong in Your Pocket


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds changed gaming almost overnight. Suddenly, everyone wanted to get in on its free-for-all “Royale” gameplay, which is part of why so many people are playing Fortnite and kids are doing the Floss anytime something even slightly good happens.

But PUBG started it, and the mobile iteration crams the frantic action into a phone or tablet. This means you can try for that Chicken Dinner on the bus or wherever else you do your gaming.

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Developers would be hard-pressed to make the Hitman franchise’s slow, methodical stealth gameplay work in a bite-sized format. It would be tough to sneak into a secure facility and out while changing clothes and stashing unconscious guards when you only have a few minutes to play.

Hitman: Sniper gets around this trouble by focusing on a single type of assassination. This mobile drops Agent 47 onto a high perch with a long-range rifle and tasks him with dispatching targets at a distance.  That’s not to say that players won’t have some planning to do, though; timing and patience are still crucial in this version — especially when the objectives are moving.


This financial (and literal) blockbuster has been out since 2011 but is still finding new homes and more players to explore and build in its randomized, virtual world. The pocket version of Minecraft lets you gather resources, befriend pigs, and create your cube-based dream castle wherever you are.

This deceptively simple title has brought in players across the globe. And if you’re one of the people who has somehow never played it, the convenience of having it on your phone or tablet might finally bring you in.

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Mobile games are by their nature more laid-back and casual than their console and PC cousins. They don’t take long to play, they’re always with you, and they’re typically designed to be as accessible as possible.

That’s the case with Words Story, a charming, free game that’s about helping an innocent stick figure escape from his life sentence after someone framed him for a crime. You accomplish this by finding words in the jumbled letters of each in-game “day.” And even if you don’t find the right word, the game still rewards you with some coins that you can use to eliminate unneeded letters and keep the progress going. It’s all really simple, sure. But sometimes that’s what you want if you just have a minute or two to play.


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